2019 Scheduler Free Printable in Living Coral

Hi guys!

It’s Nadia. How are you guys doing?

2019 is coming, and I tried to find some cool yet still simple enough scheduler for my works and personal stuffs — and could not find any! How sad. So since I am a graphic designer, I suddenly thought why I did not make one myself?

And since Living Coral is PANTONE’s Color of the Year 2019, so I decided to make it in that colour.

It includes:

  • 13 pages of monthly planner (December 2018 — December 2019) with 13 different bible verses that I love on each page for a sweet surprise for you each month!

  • 55 pages of weekly planner

  • 10 pages of note space

Living Coral


Let me know in the comment if you downloaded it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019.
God bless you!

Warm regards,
Nadia Damara.

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Hi guys!!!

I have been wanting to make my own blog for quite a while, and seems like I never had enough time, so it was long long delayed. Buut— here I am today, posting one!

This blog is gonna be about my latest design style. I have compiled some inspiration board materials that I have been loving for the past few weeks. Some are things I saw, some are things my friend has done, and most of them are from Pinterest or a similar source.