Creating a Visual Story that Sells

Anyone can design — that is the truth, sometimes ugly one.
But, not everyone can create a decent, good, even great design — especially one that sells.

Today, I would like to share you some of Studio Damara’s tips to create a visual story that not only impress your future customer, but also sells!

1. Know your demography.


If you wanna engage to your future customer, you gotta know who is your demography! Is it men or women? Is it the mothers, housewives, or high schoolers? Let me give you a quick example, if your target market is mothers around their 50s-60s, you will not want to use a complicated graphic elements with too much colors with small typography.

2. Stay on your brand.

Good Branding Sample

Now, don’t get too caught up in all the stuff! You want to make sure you’re able to create the perfect balance of pleasing your demographic and staying true to your brand. If your branding is primarily white, you can variate it with more various tone of white, instead of just #ffffff. Or if your brand has squares as its key elements, you might want to use square shaped props on your photography, or frame your picture in a square. Make sure that your visual are still on brand but fit the current style.

3. Capture its functionality.

Sneakers Campaign

Help your future client envision themselves on how they are going to use or apply your products. Seeing and relating the how, when, and where the product can be used makes it easier to click the buy button. For example, if you are selling a sneakers, you could capture your product in the nearest gym or running track, with other sport equipments.

2019 Scheduler Free Printable in Living Coral

Hi guys!

It’s Nadia. How are you guys doing?

2019 is coming, and I tried to find some cool yet still simple enough scheduler for my works and personal stuffs — and could not find any! How sad. So since I am a graphic designer, I suddenly thought why I did not make one myself?

And since Living Coral is PANTONE’s Color of the Year 2019, so I decided to make it in that colour.

It includes (updated):

  • 1 page of yearly calendar and Indonesia’s Public Holidays

  • 12 pages of monthly planner (January — December 2019) with 13 different bible verses that I love on each page for a sweet surprise for you each month!

  • 56 pages of weekly planner

  • 10 pages of note space

Living Coral


Let me know in the comment if you downloaded it.

Or simply follow me on my Instagram! :)
Your support means so much to me.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019.
God bless you!

Warm regards,
Nadia Damara.